We have dedicated and motivated production team which comprises the Engineering and Quality Control staff.
They are highly trained personnel who handles our state of the art machineries and equipments with expertise and in line with regulatory standard of safety and quality.


The company is always anxious to eliminate possible danger points and in this respect all employees are required to take diligent care in their work, not to take unnecessary risks and to do their best to prevent accidents.
No one is allowed to operate any machinery without instruction and authorization

Packaging of good morning filled milk sachets

One of our factories showing the operating staff filling the silo with milk which will be dozed into sachets of different sizes from 6g, 16g and 20g of good morning filled milk by using different filling machines from Universal Pack, each one is a vertical continuous-motion machine operating with rotary sealing rollers, to produce rectangular 4-side-seal or shaped sachets, very quick and extremely precise, specifically designed for free-flowing powders.
The staffs are in their uniform and glove in order to ensure absolute hygiene from contamination.
The machine is being driven by the hydraulic system and Air compressor.

Packaging of good morning powdered full cream milk sachets

Operating staff filling the silo with milk, then by using a vibration feeder and shifter from Scan Vibro, the milk will be transferred to a shifter then to the hopper of the filling machine from Rovema (The perfect connection of control and driving technology enables the gentle filling) where it will be dozed into sachets from different sizes of 180g, 400g, 900g, and 2.5kg of good morning full cream powder milk.
The machine is being driven by Nitrogen to prolong the shelf life span.

Packaging of choco good morning filled milk sachets

The packaging of choco filled milk start from the mixer machine which mixes the cocoa, sugar and milk together before it is transferred to the filling section by the wagon.
At the filling section, the mixed choco is poured into the Silo and then passed through the hopper of the machine by Vacuum suction.
The Hopper of the machine dozes the milk into the sachets of various smaller sizes from 9g and20g.

Conveyor belt taking the sealed sachet to the carton section where the sachet will be packed into cartons and then sent through another conveyor to reach the sealing machines side, where they will be sealed and sent directly to the store.

Packaging of Good Morning Cornflakes, white Oats and Maize

Packaging of Good morning cornflakes and oats starts by striping the bulk bags and pouring the product into a clean stainless steel silos. Both the silos and hopper of the machine are linked together, with aid of bucket conveyor.

The hopper consists of weighting cups which have been calibrated to the desired grammage, i.e. 500g.60g.The calibrated machine dose the filling of the product into the rapping pet nylon with reguired dosage.

Vertical and horizontal sealing of wrapper is done at temperature range of 100.c-140.c. In process quality control check is done at this stage, e.g. Residual oxgen and sealing condition. The sealed product comes out through conveyor belt and pack. Cartons are sealed with cellophane machines and arranged on a pallet. The arranged pallets are certified by quality control and transfer to store for sale.


Quality Control Room

This is where Physical and Microbiological Analysis of good morning powered milk and Choco are being carried out.

The Physical Analysis includes:

  • Moisture content of 25kg bag milk powder and choco powder(raw material) and sachet choco powder (finished product).
  • Solubility/ wettability of raw milk powder/cocoa powder and finished product.
  • Sealing condition of the finished product with the Vacuum test.

The microbiological analysis includes:

Conducting the aerobic count, coliform count, yeast and mould count and other organic test for salmonella and shigella and E.coll analysis on our bulk bags and finished goods.

All the tests carried out are in conformity with the acceptable local and international standard of regulatory authority.