Frosted Flakes

Frosted flakes are a breakfast cereal. It consists of cornflakes coated with sugar.

Nutritional Facts
Frosted flakes contain high nutritional value.
Nutritional experts has analysed that 3/4 cup of frosted flakes can give you about a gram of protein.
Proteins are nutrients which the body needs for multifarious activities.

Frosted flakes also contain carbohydrates which nutritional experts has analysed that 1 serving of frosted flakes can cater for about 9% of the Daily value (DV) of carbohydrates.

Frosted flakes have no cholesterol.

Frosted flakes can give 25% of the Daily value (DV) requirement of iron.


Good morning frosted cornflake is a champion cereal.
It provides you quickly and tastefully with necessary reserves of energy.

It ideally fulfils the necessary requirements in providing the organism with nutrients.

  • Corn.
  • Sugar (28, 0%).
  • Salt.
  • Barley malt extract.

Content Analysis:
100g contain (average value).
Nutritional value 1582 Kj (372 kcal).
Protein 5.3g
Carbohydrates 85.8g
Fat 0.9g

Allergy Information
May contain traces of peanuts and shell fruits (nuts).

Serving Recommendations
Super Crunchy Good morning roasted sugar-coated corn flakes could be enjoyed pure with cold milk, fruit juice, yoghurt and fresh fruits.

It could be served either in the morning as a light and quick start to the day or between meals as a snack to refuel energy.

  • 375g.
  • As per demand