Full Ceam Milk Powder

Full cream milk is not a skimmed milk that has not been reconstituted with the fats.

It is raw milk from the dairy cow which when processed with other ingredients by heating (ensures the safety of the milk for human consumption and lengthens its shelf life) the bulk is separated into cream or skimmed.

The cream is dried by various drying methods to form the GOOD MORNING FULL CREAM MILK POWDER.

  • Full cream milk powder (spray-dried).
  • Soya Lecithin.
  • Vitamin A and D3.

Rich in calcium
Good Morning Full Cream is naturally rich in calcium.
Calcium is essential for developing and maintaining strong, healty teeth and bones.
Calcium is needed for growing up and all through life.

Rich in Vitamin D
Good Morning Full Cream is enriched in vitamin D.
Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium, particularly important through childhood and adolescence, when the body grows rapidly.

Rich in Proteins
Good Morning Full Cream is a rich source of protein.
Protein are important building blocks of the body, helping the body to build and repairs muscles.

  • Sachets
    • 2500g.
    • 900g.
    • 400g.
    • 180g.

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