Good morning Tea is an elegant and full flavored tea with the character that reflects the finest in the English tradition of Tea.

Good morning Tea is packed close to Nilgiris, and shipped fresh to consumers around the world. This ensures its quality and healthfulness.

Good morning Tea is a bright tea with medium body, making it perfect for enjoyment at any time of the day.

  • Black Tea.

  • 50g (25 sachets).

Benefits of tea intake

Boosts Mental Alertness
The amino acid L-theanine found almost exclusively in Tea plant actively alters the attention networks of the brain which result in calmness yet more alert state of mind.

Boosts Immune System
The present of theanine may help the body immune system response when fighting infection by boosting the disease fighting capacity of gamm delta T cells.

Lower Stress Hormone Levels
Tea drinking leads to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol after a stressful event.

Anti Cancer
It protests against a range of cancers including lung, prostate and breast cancer.

Increases Metabolic Rate
It increases metabolic rate speeds up fat oxidation and improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.

Cardio Vascular Health
Tea can help to protect against cardio vascular disease. It improves blood vessel reactivity, reduces both blood pressure and arterial stiffness.